Gaming vs. Marriage (what your wife is thinking & not saying)

Just about every gamer that gets married will at one point experience “the collision”- gaming life vs. marital life. It takes many men by surprise that something they enjoy so much can make their wives feel neglected to the point of complaining, fighting, and many times divorce. She knew you were a gamer before she married you, so shouldn’t you be able to freely enjoy your hobby (or lifestyle)? Why is she so lonely?


4 Reasons I (a WOMAN) Love Video Games

“Let’s face it, our childhood dreams, more often than not, do stick with us to some degree as we progress through life. They may get tattered down, bruised, and kicked by the bloodthirsty “real world,” but they do whisper to us. So Why do I love video games, as a woman? For starters, it made one of of my dearest little girl (and big girl) dreams possible…”

Confessions & Oaths- Intro

A cool & fun virtual community (in the works) for GAMERS’ WIFEYS (and gamers). “Many of our men have a fun group they game with so we deserve to have one too! And of course in our group, we can make fun of them every now and again- they say some HILARIOUS stuff when they game, don’t they?” …”I hope this is a place you can come to kick back, laugh (whether with me or at me) and to get encouraged and inspired every now and then; we all need that in this crazy beautiful life.”