Confessions & Oaths- Intro


Thanks for stopping by my blog and to my first post Confessions. I’m here inviting you (whoever you are) into my world and I hope this is a place you can come to kick back, laugh (whether with me or at me) and to get encouraged and inspired every now and then; we all need that in this crazy beautiful life. 

That being said, I AM a Gamer’s Wife, and although every now and then I may spurt out things that have nothing to do with that (since humans are not one dimensional creatures- see I did it), I do want this to be a place where gamers’ wives, spouses, significant others, etc. can come to do all of the above. I also hope gamers will stop by, leave comments every now and again- since we are all in a community, AND invite their special ladies to come hang out with me on this blog.

SO HERE ARE 10 CONFESSIONS & OATHS FOR MY READERS so you can get an idea of who I am and what the future of this blog may hold. 

#1 I am not a huge blog reader (!) and one of the main reasons is because…

#2 Most blogs are way too long for me and I get lost SO…

#3 I promise to keep my posts as short as possible (550 words MAX is the goal)

#4 One of my biggest pet peeves is people not being genuine in life AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Gosh, it’s the worst) SO…

#5 I PROMISE to be as genuine & honest as I can on EVERY subject I discuss.

#6 I’m going to have a section for special ways I make big game releases special for my man & I may post recipes if readers ask for them BUT…

#7 It’s not because I want to show off- It’s really because that’s one way I show love to my husband, and I think respecting eachother’s hobbies when you are committed is important so I’d like to spread the love & maybe inspire just ONE person.

#8 Big one- I DO Enjoy gaming. I think this is important to mention because I know a lot of women don’t have this desire at all and really don’t understand their man’s interest or excitement for gaming. I’m not trying to deceive anyone about that, HOWEVER…

#9 I’m not nearly at the level of nerd that my husband is. I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that video games are one of my hobbies and interests, but it’s hard for me to game when I have a baby to take care of, a home to clean, and all the rest.

#10 I hope that we can build a fun virtual community for gamers’ wifeys. Many of our men have a fun group they game with so we deserve to have one too! And of course in our group, we will have so many things to laugh at- men say some HILARIOUS stuff when they game, don’t they?

#11 (BONUS) – “Wifey” is not my favorite word, but Wife was taken. So that’s that!

Alright Ladies & Gents, that’s my first post for you! Stay tuned for one about the release of THE DIVISION- how I made it special, funny things I overheard my husband say, my own impressions of the game, and more. 

Love you Already, 

Gamer’s Wifey (Steph)

15 thoughts on “Confessions & Oaths- Intro

    1. Aww thanks Jayna! I appreciate the sweet welcome. You already made it a special start- I’ve wanted to start a blog for probably over 10 years! This seemed natural for our current stage of life and I’m already having fun which is nice. 😀


  1. Oh gosh, the things that get said durring video games! Out of context those can seem….well, HILARIOUS! I cant wait to read the things that I say hahaha!

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  2. This is sooooo dope!!! Peace to all the Wifeys and girlfriends and ladies that game or support the men in gaming. Lord knows my wife doesn’t game but she gets it and supports me. Peace Mrs. Subherbs

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