“10 Dollar Beer, 10 Minutes” & THE DIVISION

Hi Friends!

You’re awesome! Thanks for stopping by for a few minutes to hang out with me (and my hubs by default).

SO Greg has been DESPERATELY awaiting the release of The Division (in the final days he was like a little puppy waiting for his owner to come home- poor guy). He is involved in two round table style podcasts that revolve around this game, one of which he basically runs, and one on which he is on a panel with a few other hosts (Proud Wife). The game finally came out on Tuesday! He hoped to have the day off work but by the time he got home, some of his fellow gamers already reached level 17 (that IS a big deal in case there was any question). Needless to say, of course I wanted to make it special for him and he deserves it.

Let me take a side note to prove he deserves it.                                                                                                  Even though he waited for the game, and had interruption after interruption at  what was supposed to be a day off work- by the time he got home our 16 month old daughter was awake from her nap (I put her down late, hoping Greg would have a few hours of game time while she slept). He noticed the beautiful weather outside and instead of trying to figure out how he could play his long awaited game, he suggested we all go outside and do something as a family (that is sacrifice right there)- my heart melted. We had a great time and got our baby in the sun on what was supposed to be his nerd day. 

Yeah, he deserves it. So, back to Greg’s game”day.” With a toddler on my hands, I can’t go ALL OUT, accompany him to midnight releases, and stay up all night watching him play. So I’m learning how to keep things simple but special.We were immersed in the craft beer culture for a while (home brewing champs) and there is a beer at a local brewery he really missed the taste of. While I was out running errands, I made a stop for the beer and while my daughter was napping, I managed to make him a funny little card and a gaming-friendly dinner of mini French Dip Sandwiches with Au Jus and Parmesan crusted cheese fries with bacon.

The smile on my husband’s face when he saw that beer was seriously priceless.

A small witty “card,” a long desired beer, and me offering to put our daughter to sleep at night (usually his part of our routine) meant way more to him than me spending hours cooking & cleaning. I’ve spent months planning some surprises for him and let me tell you, I’ve NEVER seen him smile at any of those like he did when he saw a $10 beer that took me 10 minutes to get…$10 beer, 10 minutes…

Do you know what your spouse’s “$10 beer, 10 minutes”is? If you do, do it! If you don’t, learn it! Love starts where one serves. Now check out the dope pics below to see my man and his beard, smile. And in case you’re curious about his Podcast, here’s a link (I got to star in the intro & closing) https://soundcloud.com/uifireside

Until Next Time,

Gamer’s Wifey (Steph)

Beach Banger IPA, Shout out to Wilmington Brewing Company
The Card – (we are a little obsessed with his beard right now)


Finding it in the Fridge
Blog- 1
French Dip Sandwiches with Homemade Au Jus

9 thoughts on ““10 Dollar Beer, 10 Minutes” & THE DIVISION

  1. Good read,

    Fun to see the gestures people do for their loved even for something as unimportant as a game. My beautiful wife (love you!) Made sure to cancel all our plans on tuesday so i can geek out on The Division and i really loved it.. I am glad Mr sub did take you guys out for some vitamin D!!!

    Good luck and keep it up with the blog!?

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    1. That’s really sweet of her and I know how much it means to you guys to have that nerd out time! Good woman! I’m sure you showed her your appreciation in some way too ;). Thanks for reading & commenting and yes, Subs is very thoughtful. It makes it easy to do nice things for him. It also helps that he’s thankful for the little stuff because with a baby, unless his mom babysits, it’s hard for him to be able to have that nerd out time for a long while!


    1. Thanks! My husband didn’t get the card at first, he totally read past the scribble. When I told him to re-read it, he thought it was hilarious. All his gamer buddies thought it was pretty funny too. I really couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed something that only took me a few minutes to do versus other surprises. It’s the little things! On another note, he’s really into The Division right now and he’s got a bunch of allergies and had some important meetings so I made him three “medkits” on a day he had a bunch of meetings. He thought that was pretty funny also. (By medkits I mean I took 3 index cards, folded them over like a card, drew on them, wrote medkit and what it cured and taped individual pills, in their packaging on the inside)… nerds.

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      1. I think sometimes it can be hard to explain to the people in general why you might be hyped for a video game or gamer culture instead of films or television so I think it’s cool for partners to find ways to be able to help out or share in the excitement. I couldn’t count the number of times my wife has picked up pre-orders for me from stores and has been asked game related questions which she hasn’t got answers for… we have plenty of laughs about that. 🙂

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      2. Yeah! But also a lot of people who totally do get the gaming culture (and then those that get sucked in by default of being married to a gamer). It’s good to hear of many people who feel supported by their wives, because I know when it comes to gaming there’s a huge chance the wife doesn’t really much care for games herself. But, it’s important to you guys and hubbies can love wives back by making sure their love stays in balance and that their wife is not neglected in return for her support!


    2. Also, thank you for the feedback by the way! I’m so glad people enjoyed that story and it’s nice to actually get a comment about it, not just hear about it through my husband’s grape vine (which is also great, but it’s nice to see it first hand).

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