I’m Back & Our Gaming Break!

Hello friend and thanks for stopping by!

It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because I’ve been enjoying connecting with you about the post that meant the most to me thus far. Side note, thank you fellow bloggers for the re-blogs and link backs- I hope it helped bring encouragement and inspiration to the people in your web. I’ve also enjoyed chatting with all of you on your own posts, about your own content.

I feel the urge to mention that I do this solely for fun & hope that was clear in my intro. I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers really hope to create a massive following and wonder when their big break will be– don’t get me wrong I like knowing people are reading my stuff, but what I really enjoy is writing and connecting with the people that read. I started this for fun & for the love of writing and the blogging community has been such a cool surprise. I’m loving being able to talk with nerds about nerdy stuff! I do have a few things in the works just for funzies so hopefully I’ll blast your reader this week (maybe).

SO- The hubby and I recently took a little break from gaming. I know what you’re thinking, but I swear I didn’t make him do it. It was actually his idea (not kidding). He wasn’t entirely sure why he wanted to do it, but he felt like he needed to, and obviously I supported him (why wouldn’t I???…more sleep and more I’m not super exhausted cuddles, yay!)

Ya’ll, it was great. (I know what you’re wondering- and YES, I’ve lived in North Carolina the legal amount of years to earn the right to say ya’ll). If my post on gaming and marriage resonated with you, one thing I didn’t add to my list of potential action items at the end, that I have recently thought a lot about, is that every now and then it may benefit you and your spouse to take a short, intentional, gaming break every now and again.

Why did I enjoy it, you ask? Here’s 5 reasons.

  1. We got to catch up on shows- shout out to The 100, The Goldbergs, and Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  2. We got to cuddle and snuggle and fall asleep at the same DESCENT hour of the night.
  3. It was refreshing to catch up on sleep… The DZ had my husband throwin’ down into the wee hours of the night on the regular. And I was staying up with him watching him play (well,for the most part)
  4. We made time to go on a date- shout out to Dead Crow Comedy Club in NC.20160417_220609
  5. We had time for other nerdy fun. I’m talking about some serious battles in… bum bum bum…Risk, Starwars Edition. We got into it.

He played as The Empire and I played as the Rebellion the whole time. The first game, we didn’t really know what we were doing, so I crushed him (sorry, babe). 20160326_222117 The second game, he won by a landslide (pictures of only the wins- sorry, Boo).

Game three, I came back and kicked his booty again. starwars 2Next time we play, we plan on switching sides. That means I have plenty of time to figure out what my Empire strategies will be (insert evil villain laugh here).

Thanks for stopping by & I wish you all strong relationships & happy gaming!

Gamer’s Wifey (Steph)





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8 thoughts on “I’m Back & Our Gaming Break!

  1. That’s sooo cool, you guys are a dope couple! I love Risk! Never played that edition though, sounds interesting. My wife has her numerous shows she likes to watch, so my time on The Division is fine by her lol…I don’t watch TV like that so. Movies and documentaries we do, but until football season starts it works for us. We’re both HUGE football fans G.B. PackerNation baby!!! So we do fantasy football together. So maybe at that time Division MAY play second fiddle lol. I don’t know…that’s gonna be tough. I really love that game. Until later…Peace!

    p.s. And y’all is a word for all those naysayers lol! So y’all have a good one! Peace Steph & Sub!

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    1. You guys have been together for a gazillion years so it sounds like you’ve got your balance worked out. I’m originally from San Diego so I felt weird saying ya’ll up until now, even now I feel akward. I always think it’s funny to hear Californians say it, so it took me a bit to not feel like a poser haha. Thanks for commenting Cire, I know subs was looking forward to hitting up the DZ with you again but you’ve made new friends in his absence (insert sad cry face here). What level are you in the DZ now!?!?


      1. Diego! That’s where I want to relocate to! A coworker has family there and goes a couple times a year. Always used to tell me stories about the weather being a perfect 75 every day!
        I was forced to squad with some others. Aside from sub, maizy or nasdi were NEVER on. So I just joined up with some UI people and by the time incursions were updated they depended on me since we knew each others set ups from putting in time. and they’re always on like me, so when I’m on they hit me up right away. Miss my bro but I understand him not being on, fully. When we started the group in the beta I was under the impression we all would and could be on a couple times a week, but EVERYONE has been m.i.a. this whole time for the most part. I get it though, I’m not mad at anyone. Life, family is all first. I just had different expectations is all. I’m only DZ 43 but I’m not really in the DZ that often. I actually hate DZ play. Now it’s not SO bad running it with the right gear and armor but you have to be built for it and I think I’m there now. How bout you? you level 30 yet? Give my bro a big hug and kiss for me!

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      2. I think it’s funny when people over exaggerate San Diego weather…it cracks me up! San Diego does get warm every now and then, maybe more often than other places but sometimes the weather is nicer here in the coastal areas of nc than it is there. What I had enough of was the gloom. There are very grey skies a lot of times unless you go way inland/north of SD and that would change my mood quick. Not a lot of rain, mind you, alot of droughts these days-so grey skies for no reason. Some people don’t notice it but alot of people know it changes their mood and makes them feel sleepy and more down than usual. I’m glad you found people to play with that are on when you are. I know subs has alot of other things going on right now so its not as much of a priority as it was before but I know he enjoys being able to roll with the former crew. I honestly haven’t played much since Greg took a break. I’m preoccupied with a lot of other stuff. I think I got to 17 or 18 though for now. I’m not sure how much farther I’ll get before no man’s sky gets released (big happy nerd smile right here).


  2. I’ve thought of you on several occasions and told myself to make a point of looking you up…and, today, I found a post (of mine) that you commented on–and I clicked on your icon…then, I discovered this post…I really, really enjoy what you have to share (even though I am virtually clueless when it comes to video games)–but, passions share commonalities in all the ways that count…I get how you can love gaming in the same way I get that many women think George Clooney is dreamy…not my preferred cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate the sentiment…I guess I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate what you offer as a person….a lovely, smart, kind, and interesting person…and, what you share about gaming is really enlightening and interesting ..your blog is great….take care…thanks for sharing 🙂

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